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The Pup Cup Tumbler Dog Toy, where tail-wagging fun meets trendy playtime! Proudly designed in the USA, this toy isn’t just a plushy tumbler-shaped delight but a testament to quality and playful innovation for your furry best friend. Crafted with soft, plush materials, the Pup Cup Tumbler Dog Toy is paw-fect for cuddles and play. Its adorable tumbler shape is complete with a handy handle and a quirky straw to make it a playful addition to your dog's toy collection. But wait, there's more! Inside hides a surprise - a squeaker that promises hours of engaging, squeaky delight for your canine companion. Let your pup sip on this toy for endless entertainment, snuggles, and squeaks.


• Made in China

• Weight: 4 oz (113.4 g)

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